SSi Elite Athlete Recognition Award .

Hi guys on the 8th of every month SSi Fit Lab is proud to announce that they will give public recognition to one of their ‪#‎elite‬ ‪#‎athletes‬ for; all there hard work, dedication to training, sacrifices, and much more. The lucky athlete will receive a ‪#‎free‬ SSi membership pack and a voucher for two #free sessions of their choice.

The first athlete to launch our prestigious award for Elite Athlete Recognition is Marcus Russo.

SSi would like to introduce to you Marcus Russo he is a footballer to watch for the future. His work ethic during training and his mentality towards football as a whole is very hard to come by. There will be plenty of hurdles, set backs, and short falls along the way but if you keep this training up and never lose the love for football you could reach the top. ‪#‎ssiathletetowatch‬

  • Age: 12
  • Country of birth: Australia
  • Heritage: Italian and Macedonian
  • Previous club: Sydney United
  • Favourite Footballer: Ronaldo
  • Favourite Position: Midfield
  • Inspiration: To see my goal of becoming the best footballer I can be through dedication, commitment and hard work.
  • Why I love football: The reason why I love football is because I have passion for it. It makes me feel energised and pumped before every game. The running, attacking and defending it’s awesome. I love working & playing as a team with my teams mates to achieve success. I love the feeling I get when the I strike the ball and it makes it to the back of the net. Now that’s pretty cool.