SSi's Friday Night Football Clinic.

This clinic is available  for football players from the ages of u6's to u11's, but we do accept u5 as well. It is a great way to involve your child in a team sport environment. It is ideal for social interaction as well as discipline, fun and most of all learning the basic's of football in a semi professional environment.

You are able to join at any time as a roll call is performed every session and your ten weeks is calculated accordingly.  if the clinic is called off due to bad weather the session just simply rolls forward. Our first priority as football coaches at SSi, is to make sure that the players at this fragile age have fun experience's when playing football. There is no "whats the score" mentality and games are engineered around the basics of good technique, physical demands and the fun of football. We teach these aspects in a structured, fun and easy learning atmosphere. As the players progress through the 10 weeks at the clinic the sessions become a slightly more difficult according to the ability of the squad and individual. The teachings at the SSi Friday Night Football Clinic come from my coaching experience's overseas. The Friday Night Clinic is a platform for me to give my knowledge and expertise to the young and up and coming footballers at our grass roots level.

Hopefully providing them with an insight in to how, hard work, discipline and fun in football can pay off.   If you have any questions please feel free to contact me on my email

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