SSi Coaching

Sports Specific Coaching is all about training in a professional environment for young aspiring athletes. Our coaching is delivered in three different ways, One on One, Group Training, and Team Training they all cater for different ages and abilities in many different sports. The kids are able to have fun and interact with other kids in an easy learning environment. At an early age and as they grow, we teach the kids the skills and techniques to express themselves in game situations in whatever sport they have chosen.
SSI runs programs that cater for all levels and ages and our squads will be filled according to ability not necessarily age.

Sports Specific Holiday clinics

The Holiday clinics are a great way to introduce you son or daughter to a professional sporting environment.The clinics are about having fun whilst learning the basic skills and rules of a specific sport. The clinics involve games, awards and plenty of fun. SSi's holiday clinics also brings a level of confidence to all their attending children through exercise and knowledge. The coaching to athlete ratio is never over 1:10 and it averages 1:7. SSI prides itself on giving the kids something to remember in every holiday clinic it holds.

Sports Specific Elite Academies (SSi Elite)

If players are in any academy with SSi they will have elite, professional training delivered by very experienced and professional coaches. The up most professionalism will be expected from the athletes and nothing less. The ages for these academies range from 11’s to 20’s. In all academies, a full time training program will be implemented and delivered in a professional sports club environment. They will provide in depth training programs on some sports specific areas like;

  •      Corrective technical training,
  •      Intricate game based skills,
  •      Fast feet work (SAQ based),
  •      Sprint coaching
  •      Strength training Specific to the sports demands
Most of these aspects will involve the sports unique piece of equipment (bat and/or ball).

Sports Specific One on One Training

This aspect provides the any athlete with specifically tailored programs to enhance them

in all areas of their chosen sport, from nutrition to psychology to physical activity.

The athlete will get exposure to various coaching techniques in the One on One training

program. This will give SSI more time to focus on both the athlete’s individual strength’s


Some key areas include,

  •      Sprint training
  •      Running technique
  •      Corrective training, involving repetition based work “Practice Makes Perfect”
  •      Mental imagery, Positive thinking “The mind is so powerful”
  •      Eating habits, sports nutrition is so important, “You definitely are what you eat”

This allows them to gain the right health, self confidence and physical attributes that they

need to become a success all over the world.


Sports Specific Group Training

Group training helps athletes to get motivated in competing and learning against other

athletes. The numbers for group training are only small so there is still a big focus on the

individual, in a social environment. Group training will also focus on the individual’s

strengths and weakness in small sided games all relative to the chosen sport.


Sports Specific Squad Training 

Squad training helps athletes learn the ways of playing in a team. Communication within

teams is really important for individuals to grasp at all levels, from the elite professionals

all the way down to the young aspiring athletes. It provides a fun training environment

giving the athletes the opportunity to bond and interact in a professional and serious

manner. Squad training starts at the age of u6’s and can go up to the ages of 30+ in a wide

variety of sports.