SSi Fit Lab

SSi Fitness Laboratory has now found a HOME !!!!!.

We have moved in to the brand new sport science facility located at upstairs from Specialist Sports Medicine Centre, 549/545 Kingsway, Miranda.

This gym is for the public to use but caters for elite and professional sportsmen and women. Built above the very busy Sports Specialist Medicine Centre, the gymnasium prides itself on closing the gap between sport science and the public, by offering clinical and professional sport science based programs not only to professional athletes but to the public as well. There is access to a learning loft which can cater for video analysis sessions and group classes eg boxing, speed and agility, core strength and flexibility just to names a few.

Downstairs in the gym there will be five consultation rooms that allied health  practitioners such as Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, Strength and Conditioning coaches and nutritionists will utilise.

Lastly there is a  floor dedicated to weight training. Comprising of two weightlifting platforms, a complete row (1kg - 50kg) of dumbbells and the start of the art free motion, cable, and lifestyle fitness equipment 

Our Methodologies 

Sports Specific Speed and Change of Direction Speed 

Speed is the essence in any sport, the quicker you are at; cognitive function, producing explosive power, getting to top speed and producing a change of direction (agility), the more successful you or your teams performances will be. We have programs that can give you all these attributes.

 In training for sports specific speed, we first must recognize the demands of that particular sport and for a more individualized program we need to understand the athletes position and roll in the sport, gone are the days of blanket speed training. Recent evidence in journal articles written by Jeremy M. Sheppard, Dr Sophia Nimphius, Anthony Blazevich and Robert U. Newton shows us that the positional demands put on players by the sport, dictate how we specifically train these players. “This is the formula for success”.  SSi fit lab’s programs, given that information, will provide sports specific speed to your athletes and/or teams, in a professional environment. The athletic differences between numerous sports will determine our exercise prescription in our programs and the nature to which they are administered.  For example a footballer needs to integrate Acceleration, Agility, also known as Change of Direction Speed (CODs) and explosive power in to their training, but an athlete competing in the 100m track event would need to focus a large amount of their training on straight line speed, reaction times, acceleration, top speed and speed endurance. Another example could be in union, the weight training program for a prop forward would be focused on lifting much heavier weights than a full back.

Sports Specific Strength

Producing strength during training or competition happens when your central nervous system is trained to activate a multitude of muscles that in turn completes a specific task i.e. tackling an opponent, striking the ball, turning a scrum, driving a player backwards, jumping to catch a ball etc. Strong elite athlete’s recruit more muscles to perform tasks, whereas weaker athletes use less muscle to perform the same tasks. This is one of the ways that our programs can be of assistance we can train you to activate and build upon the muscles mostly used in your position and that sport.  Sport specific strength has little to do with muscle size and everything to do with muscle activation and timing. Once the athlete has achieved a relative amount of strength, power can be implemented! Without strength, your nervous system will not be able to call upon the muscles needed to produce a faster movement like acceleration, explosive power, CODS etc. Our programs on, and not limited to; Explosive Power, Speed, Acceleration, CODS and Strength & Power will be tailored to the individual, working on strengths and weaknesses or tailored to the team and its Strengths and weaknesses across the squad, the choice is yours.

Sports Specific Endurance 

Endurance is a term widely used in sport and can mean many different things to many different people. In sports it refers to an athlete’s ability to sustain prolonged exercise for minutes, hours or even days. Endurance exercise training results in profound adaptations of the cardio-respiratory and neuromuscular systems that enhance the delivery of oxygen from the atmosphere to our mitochondria and enable a tighter regulation of muscle metabolism. When most people talk about endurance they are referring to aerobic endurance, which is often equated with cardiovascular fitness. Aerobic means “with oxygen” and during aerobic exercise the body uses oxygen to help supply the energy needed for exercise. The objective of endurance training is to develop the energy production systems to meet the demands of activity for as long as they are required. With endurance training, the body becomes better equipped to use oxygen efficiently through aerobic metabolism. The cardio-respiratory system and aerobic energy systems become more efficient at delivering oxygen to the working muscles and converting carbohydrate and fat to energy.

There are many different ways to train for improved aerobic endurance. The duration, frequency and intensity of each type of training varies and the training focuses on slightly different energy systems and skills and results in different physical adaptations. Some of our programs include; Long Slow Distance Training, Pace/Tempo Training, Interval Training, Circuit Training and Fartlek Training.

If you are a coach wanting to take to teams performances to the next level come in for a meet and great or find us on face book and Instagram and ask a question today!!!!!

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