SSi Football

Sports Specific Industries has a 5 stage pathway from the Grassroots to professional football in the St George region.

At Sports Specific Industries (SSi) we believe in providing young elite athletes with a clear and precise pathway  straight to the top through professional and accredited coaches. SSi Football has a base at Connells Point Football Club (CPR). This is the starting point for players to come and enjoy football and see if they fall in love with the game enough to take the next step. CPR is the biggest club in the St George region, and is covered in rich history. Due to the size of the club SSi has the ability assess and professionally coach players starting at their first kick of a football. From this grass roots stage (4 - 8years old) the parents have an opportunity to enrol their child in to the first level of the pathway the SSi School Holiday Football Clinic. SSi uses these clinics as a form of talent identification. (please see Holiday Clinics in the "what we do" page for more details).

The Second Level of The Pathway is the SSi Friday Night Football Clinic.

Over the past 3 years the SSi Friday Night Clinic has created a platform for the youngest of kids to learn how to play football. At our clinic we pride our self in giving professional and up to date coaching to all ages, up to 13 years. Depending on the age and ability of the player, the drill will obviously vary in difficulty and intensity. The ratio of coaches to footballers we offer is 1-8 never above 10 players in a squad. Everything in the taught in the clinic is base on real game play and 90% of our session is with the ball at the feet of every player. The SSi Friday Night Clinic is also used as a talent identification platform for selection in to the SSi Elite Program.

The Third Level of The Pathway is SSi Elite Football.

SSi Elite Football program is the final stage before the players get selected in the Skills Acquisition Program for the Football Association. It is the goals of the program to identify the best players for their age and progress them as players and children to get ready for the next level. As a selector and coach for the SAP program I am able to hold back or promote players according to their development, parents and age. For the past 4 years SSi Elite have given 6 players the opportunity to progress from park football to armature  - professional football. This program delivers intense, structured, skill based training in the up most professional environment. The players are asked to a Wednesday morning session, which they have breakfast after training (fully provided) and a Friday night session. If selected in this program the players will receive full playing kit and jacket.

The Forth Level of The Pathway is The Saint George Skills Acquisition Program (SAP).

This Program has quickly become the bench mark for grassroots football in the NSW. With Aytek Gench At the helm of this well oiled coaching machine, we are continuing to reach goals set by him to be the best footballing program in the country. At SSi we have a unique oppotunity to provide this program with Elite footballers of all ages. To date 2015/16 we have provided the St George Football Association with 6 players.  

The Fifth Level of The Pathway is The St George City Football Club.

(more coming soon)

Within this great club SSi has been allowed to train players and coach coaches for the past 4 years.