What we do!!!

Sports Specific Industires has three areas: Sports Specific Coaching, SSi Fitness Labratory and 

Sports Specific Compression. SSi also holds school Holiday Clinics, Elite Academies and 

International Sporting Tours. 

Sports Specific Coaching

This area delivers elite and professional coaching in a variety of sports. It concentrates on the

specific skills of the chosen sport and adapts them to the age group of the team or individual.

SSi runs educational, fun and elite coaching clinics in the holidays for kids aged 5’s to 13’s and

also run’s elite academies aged 14’s to 20’s. The holiday clinics are used as a stepping stone

into SSi elite sporting academies. These academies will be full time based running year long.

     Sports Specific Holiday Clinics

In the holiday clinics the athlete’s will be learning the basic’s of their sport while having fun in

the sun. This age group is all about fun and games that incorporate the basic skills. The

majority of game's developed at SSi also concentrate on different specific physiological

characteristics directly related to your chosen sport. The athletes can be at any skill level

to join as we have programs suited to all abilities.

To be considered the athletes must be in the ages of 5 to 13.

See Coaching for more details.

     Sports Specific Academies

If players are in any academy with SSi they will have elite, professional training delivered

by very experienced and professional coaches. The program runs year round with breaks

in school holidays.The up most professionalism will be expected from the athletes and

nothing less, as they will be treated as semi pro athletes.

The ages for these academies range from 8’s to 20’s.

See Coaching for more details.

SSi Fitness Laboratory

The mechanics of speed that an athlete must develop in order to optimize playing ability include:

  • Linear Speed - the average straight-ahead speed sprint is 10 - 12 yards.
  • Lateral Change of Direction Speed - athletes must be able to move quickly in any direction throughout a game. The key element is to be able to maintain high speed through all these changes of direction.
  • Avoidance - players must be able to start and stop quickly to avoid the opponent without losing any momentum!
  • Power & Acceleration - athletes must be able to build to their top speed very quickly and frequently throughout the game.

SSi has 6 areas that contribute to the Sports Specific Speed program

Speed Drills - Athletes will learn form-running drills to enhance linear and lateral speed. A multitude of drills!

Power Development - Power is defined as "the rate of force x strength".

Acceleration Training - The key to winning games is a player's ability to get from one spot to another in the shortest amount of time.

Quickness and Agility - Quickness and Agility includes the ability to react, recognize, and then move in the right direction while maintaining optimal high speed.

Footwork Drills - SSi athletes will be introduced to speed and agility training to improve all aspects of footwork during games. Specific equipment includes (but not limited to) ladders, hurdles, running polls, bungee cords and running harness.

Dynamic Flexibility - Flexibility is one of the most neglected aspects of training by semi pro athletes (especially footballers) but it is one of the easiest ways to improve performance. Stretching is a massive part of an athlete’s recovery phase, if the athletes forget to stretch it can lead to poor running technique, injuries and much more.The age bracket for commencing strength and conditioning is 9’s to 20’s.

See SSi Fitness Laboratory for more details.